Reasons Byron Bay Should Be Your Next Adventure

Because the fact that it’s in Australia is just the cherry on top.

Byron Bay - 01

Bryon Bay is a small beach town nestled in the rolling greens of New South Wales, Australia. Less than 500 miles north of Sydney, Byron is a hidden gem best for off road caravan ride. With a population under 5,000, this city is popular with both domestic and international tourists alike. Not convinced yet? Scroll down.

1. The Laid Back Environment

Byron Bay - 02

Looking to relieve some stress? There’s probably not a better place to do so. This funky, walkable, and mellow town has a perfect mixture of activity and relaxation. And this won’t change. Locals are committed to keeping that small town feel in Byron.

2. The Rich History

Byron Bay - 03

Aboriginal people flocked to the bay for thousands of years to swap stories, find marriage partners and trade goods. The European history of the bay dates back to 1770, when Captain James Cook found a safe anchorage and named Cape Byron after his navigator, Lord Byron. And this is just a small taste of the history that the bay has to offer.

3. Surf Lessons

Byron Bay - 04

There’s no shortage of surf instructors or surf schools in Byron Bay. You can learn how to surf by yourself, in a small group, or even in a large group. And it’s a guarantee stand up for most or you get your money back. Surf’s up.

4. The Nightlife

Byron Bay - 05

There’s also no shortage of things to do when the sun goes down. From music venues, to laid-back bars, to restaurants turned into dance clubs…you’ll have no trouble finding something to do whether you’re 19 or 64.

5. Surplus Of Beaches

Byron Bay - 06

There are technically nine different beaches you can choose from when visiting Byron. Good luck making THAT decision.

6. Hot Air Balloon Rides

Byron Bay - 07

During a hot air balloon ride in Byron Bay, you can experience some of the most breathtaking views of the city and its surrounding green hills rolling into Mt. Warning volcanic caldera. Not to mention, one of the pilots in Byron Bay was the first to fly a hot air balloon over Mt. Everest. Kind of a big deal.


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