The First 3 Steps To Successful Gardening

Won’t you tell us why gardening is the greatest hobby of all time? 

Starting a garden.

Starting a garden.

Majority keep a garden to grow food. Others do it for passion; love for beautiful flowers and landscapes while for some, they do it for exercise. But does anyone know exactly what to do when they started out with their first garden?

Experts say that whether you’re a novice or knowledgeable gardener, you have to prepare the soil before starting a garden otherwise you will be disappointed to see on how the soil allow your plants to struggle for survival.

My journey to an exciting world of gardening helps me learn these three essential steps that we need to consider before getting our garden soil ready.

Clearing the area. Keep the soil clean by pulling off all grasses, weeds, twigs or any other small stones or branches. If you need to dig it up, do it. All roots of unwanted weeds must be taken out so you can thereafter till the soil. The area should be flat, leveled out, and clean where you want to start germinating your plants in.

Aerating the Soil. Earthworms are very good at this but it helps if you break the soil up, turning it over to invite the air, making it favorable for new plants to grow. It’s also a great way to look out for small stones and branches that must have been buried.

Adding soil amendments or plant food. Improve the overall quality of the soil by adding 3-4 inches thick of compost. Helping the soil to retain its moisture will make your plants happy.

The joy of harvest.

The joy of harvest.

Clearing the entire lawn or just a part for a seedbed, aerating the soil and adding soil amendments (plant food) are the first three essential steps for a successful gardening. During the period of getting the soil ready, take advantage of that time to consider what type of garden you want to have. Once you figure it out, everything follows all the way from choosing what and when to plant, watering and weeding, controlling of pest and treating plants diseases, to a marvelous time of harvest. And the cycle goes on and on. It never stops.


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