Reasons Byron Bay Should Be Your Next Adventure

Because the fact that it’s in Australia is just the cherry on top.

Byron Bay - 01

Bryon Bay is a small beach town nestled in the rolling greens of New South Wales, Australia. Less than 500 miles north of Sydney, Byron is a hidden gem best for off road caravan ride. With a population under 5,000, this city is popular with both domestic and international tourists alike. Not convinced yet? Scroll down.

1. The Laid Back Environment

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The Lazy Girl’s Artisan Bread

The Lazy Girl's Artisan Bread

Prepare to be dazzled.

While the East Coast digs out from yet another epic snowstorm, here I sit in my {grumble grumble} Western ski resort with the windows wide open, peering out on a muddy brown landscape. Ran errands without a jacket earlier this morning. It’s all adding up to be a very non-wintery winter. Kind of disappointing because I love winter. And, the whole idea of hunkering down, indoors, with a good book, a great movie or marvelous aromas wafting from the kitchen. Just something about a cold, snowy day that inspires a yummy homemade bread.One of my East Coast, fortunate enough to be sent home from work because of the weather, friends asked me for this recipe. Which got me thinking that maybe you’d like to try it, too. Been baking this bread for a few months, now – to rave reviews from family and friends. It’s a no-fuss process that requires about 3 minutes of your attention. Continue reading

A Must-Have Tree for Spring Foliage

april-2012-foliage-and-blooms-575 If you have a large sweeping landscape with acreage and views that extend far past what you can see from the house or if you have a San Francisco style property like mine with more of a courtyard style landscape, the Weeping Larch (Larix decidua ‘Pendula’) is a tree that will add drama no matter the season. Continue reading

Composting and its Benefits



It’s no secret that keen environmentalists love talking about composting. Here’s five reasons why it’s a key factor for sustainability and features prominently in green debates.

1. Composting reduces landfill waste and incineration, and therefore emissions.

Modern waste management methods are environmental tragedies. Waste lies stagnant in landfill sites where the vital oxygen that is needed to facilitate the decaying process cannot reach it. Landfill material also releases greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change: methane gas escapes during the building process. Incineration leaves some toxic ash waste, and the burning process releases a vast amount of carbon dioxide into our precious atmosphere. Continue reading

The First 3 Steps To Successful Gardening

Won’t you tell us why gardening is the greatest hobby of all time? 

Starting a garden.

Starting a garden.

Majority keep a garden to grow food. Others do it for passion; love for beautiful flowers and landscapes while for some, they do it for exercise. But does anyone know exactly what to do when they started out with their first garden?

Experts say that whether you’re a novice or knowledgeable gardener, you have to prepare the soil before starting a garden otherwise you will be disappointed to see on how the soil allow your plants to struggle for survival.

My journey to an exciting world of gardening helps me learn these three essential steps that we need to consider before getting our garden soil ready.

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5 Greatest Gardens Of All Time

History has proven itself that gardening is not all about the only source for growing food but an outlet to show off skills, artistic expression, creativity, and something that can be passed on through one generation up to the next. Here is a list of the most inspiring gardens of all time.

1.The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. This was also known as The Hanging Gardens of Semiramis located in Al Hillah, Iraq (formerly Babylon). King Nebuchadnezzar, around 600 BC created these hanging gardens to delight his beloved wife Amytis, Princess of Persia. Unfortunately, the garden was destroyed by numerous earthquakes after second century BC.

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Words of Welcome

If a sculptor needs a carving chisel, point tool, and dummy hammer to create a masterpiece, what do you think a gardener needs?

Garden Tools

Keeping a garden is more than carving a wood, stone or marble. A real gardener takes more than that. They’re bringing life from a seed. Just like with any other artists, anything done with passion results to something spectacular that others will always look up to. Starting my own garden and blog simultaneously this summer is a pretty good idea. I find it exciting to keep my hands busy, helping those tiny seeds germinate on its own, have Mother Nature do her share and let my mind run with ideas on what to write.

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