The Lazy Girl’s Artisan Bread

The Lazy Girl's Artisan Bread

Prepare to be dazzled.

While the East Coast digs out from yet another epic snowstorm, here I sit in my {grumble grumble} Western ski resort with the windows wide open, peering out on a muddy brown landscape. Ran errands without a jacket earlier this morning. It’s all adding up to be a very non-wintery winter. Kind of disappointing because I love winter. And, the whole idea of hunkering down, indoors, with a good book, a great movie or marvelous aromas wafting from the kitchen. Just something about a cold, snowy day that inspires a yummy homemade bread.One of my East Coast, fortunate enough to be sent home from work because of the weather, friends asked me for this recipe. Which got me thinking that maybe you’d like to try it, too. Been baking this bread for a few months, now – to rave reviews from family and friends. It’s a no-fuss process that requires about 3 minutes of your attention. Continue reading