Words of Welcome

If a sculptor needs a carving chisel, point tool, and dummy hammer to create a masterpiece, what do you think a gardener needs?

Garden Tools

Keeping a garden is more than carving a wood, stone or marble. A real gardener takes more than that. They’re bringing life from a seed. Just like with any other artists, anything done with passion results to something spectacular that others will always look up to. Starting my own garden and blog simultaneously this summer is a pretty good idea. I find it exciting to keep my hands busy, helping those tiny seeds germinate on its own, have Mother Nature do her share and let my mind run with ideas on what to write.

I’m so happy you’re here. We have so much to talk about. Let me introduce myself. My name is Cindy Helens. I live in a beautiful city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Next to gardening, camping is also included in my list. I will show you the places I have been to and where I dream of going.  Plus, you will see some of my favorite images, cool videos and more. Sounds fair enough, right? Gardening, camping and other things packed altogether in one place.

What are you waiting for? Pour a glass of lemonade or creamy latte with a plate of toasted loaf (don’t forget the butter), pull out your most comfortable chair and feel free to explore the entire site. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and suggestions or send me emails. I’d love to hear from you and gladly answer back. I hope you enjoyed your visit and check back often.

With a warm big smile from Cindy Helens, have a great blessing filled day.


2 responses to “Words of Welcome

  1. Thanks for liking my post on China, Cindy. It was quite an experience seeing one of the ‘bucket’ list gardens – but I saw two! I still have to write up my experiences in the other garden at Suzhou and then there was the Imperial Palace in Beijing – yet another ‘bucket’ list item… and we still managed to fit in some work!

  2. Hi Nana. I can’t find your name written somewhere but read some few comments in your blog. You’re welcome. The pleasure is all mine. I’d love to visit China someday to see those gardens.

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